mwiscomplicated (mwiscomplicated) wrote in arisia,

Roommates needed

We have a double at The Aloft (1/2 block from The Westin & less expensive), and are near the top of the waitlist for The Westin so may may have a last minute option to switch.  We are two adults who have attended may arisias looking for one or two additional adults.  We have both bed space & floor space available.  The occupancy wlll be limited to 4 so there will be no long wait for the bathroom in the AM and no violation of arisia & hotel rules. If you are interested please email me at math mw hyphen lj at yahoo (remonve the spaces and fix the punctuation).  Time is short and I do not check livejournal that frequently; you you will get a much faster response by emailing me.
Tags: hotel, roommates

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