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The Westin room blocks sold out in under 6 hours. Overflow hotel still has room. - Arisia Convention

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September 15th, 2016

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02:09 am - The Westin room blocks sold out in under 6 hours. Overflow hotel still has room.

Wow, you all were quick! The Westin room blocks sold out in under 6 hours from the time reservations went live.

If you were unable to get a room at The Westin, there are still rooms available at The Aloft, our overflow hotel located about a block down D street from The Westin. Note that this is considerably closer to the Westin than last year's overflow hotel.

If you would like to get put on the waitlist for a room at The Westin, you can do so by filling out our Special Request form located here:http://www.arisia.org/HotelSpecialRequests. Making a reservation at the overflow hotel does not hurt your chances of getting into The Westin off the waitlist, and since the new deposit policy does not apply to the overflow hotel (see our Deposit Policy FAQ here:http://www.arisia.org/HotelDepositFAQ), there is no penalty for cancelling your reservation should you get assigned a room at The Westin.

Check out the Hotel page on our website http://www.arisia.org/hotel for more information on the waitlist and to make a reservation at The Aloft for any questions or concerns please email innkeeper@arisia.org

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Date:September 16th, 2016 04:25 am (UTC)
...gah. Did the Westin not allot enough blocks for Arisia or what??
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Date:September 16th, 2016 12:00 pm (UTC)
We get all the rooms in The Westin that aren't already contracted with other groups (like long-term, standing, airline employee contracts), and sometimes we even get some of those rooms in December (the hotel just can't move them to other hotels this far out from the dates), which is how we are able to accommodate people off of the wait list. Our contract gives us over 90% of the rooms in the hotel.

Arisia is just that popular, and we're in the hotel north of NYC that has the most amount of function space. Thankfully, there is a new hotel across D street that we are using for overflow sleeping rooms that is much closer than the overflow hotel we've used the past several years.

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