December 30th, 2016

Arisia resized

Arisia 2017 Programming Is LIVE!

The programming and events schedule for Arisia 2017 is up on KonOpas, one of our mobile options. Head to for instructions on how to use it (no download necessary!) and start planning your Arisia weekend.

Other formats, including Guidebook, PDF, and HTML, will be available next week. For a taste, here are just some of the awesome panels and events you’ll be able to enjoy in a few short weeks:

• Gender Variant Cosplay
• Musicals as Fantasy
• The Stories People Play
• Broken Earth: Writing SF from Societal Trauma
• Mad Max & Melissa McCarthy - Genre Film Feminism
• Evolution Doesn't Work That Way
• Mrs. Hawking Part III: Base Instruments
• Fun & Games with Greykell
• Doom, Gloom & Despondency (Gothic song competition)
• Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap (live podcast recording)

Our schedule is subject to change between now and the convention, but we'll make sure to keep the online/mobile versions updated, even throughout the con.