January 13th, 2015


Extra Rooms at the Westin

The Westin has released extra rooms to us on a first-come basis.

These are King rooms only and we cannot promise whether they will be in a quiet or active part of the hotel. If you try the link and are unable to create a reservation, it may mean that there are no rooms available. The link will allow you to create a reservation from Friday-Monday. If you would like a reservation outside of those dates, after making a Friday-Monday reservation please email innkeeper@arisia.org with your confirmation number and the new dates you would like to request.

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Reminder - blood drive is Fri/Sat, not Sun (and you can sign up ahead of time! )

(Would you like to bleed? Not now - at Arisia! Save a life!).

This year's Arisia blood drive is again FRI/SAT, (not Sun) meaning you can choose an appointment time /before/ programming starts and before staying up half the night. Plus your "I gave blood" sticker gets you into a fast reg line, so no worries about losing an early line spot by taking time to donate.

In-person signups at the Naughty Nurses table in the lobby near the elevators and the coffee shop (walk ups welcome) or if you want to reserve a time ahead of time go to http://www.arisia.org/blooddrive for links / email addresses.

Children's hospital blood mobile will be there for appointments Friday 1:30 - 7:30, and Mass General blood mobile will be there for appointments Saturday 9:30-5.

Eligibility questions? The above URL has links to answers! I'll mention now that having had a reasonable meal reasonably recently is a good idea :)
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Planetary Quartet at Arisia this Saturday!

Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet has a performance at Arisia on Saturday afternoon, 4:30pm, in Grand Ballroom DE. It's listed on the Arisia schedule as "Sailor-Moon Themed Concert". Mary has both written original Sailor Moon themed songs, and rearranged some of the music from the show for string quartet + piano + her lovely voice. Here's one of the covers that she does in Japanese:

Here's one of her original songs, Finale, from the same concert (strings come in at about 1:00). And a short instrumental.

In case you're not a Sailor Moon fan... come anyway :) I never watched it myself, either, but I love Mary's music!