Arisia executive board, you have some EXPLAINING to do.

I am going to want my money back if someone on staff, who is NOT living up to the code of contact, is allowed to remain there. I am not going to let my teenager attend a conference where a predator might be able to get away with pushy, stalkery crap.

The Arisia Code of Conduct does indeed state: "Additionally, all Staff are representatives of Arisia and therefore are held to a higher standard of behavior, even when off duty."

This is not holding representatives of Arisia to a higher standard. This is allowing extremely "bad behavior" to go unremarked and hidden from the attendees and guests.


Roommates needed

We have a double at The Aloft (1/2 block from The Westin & less expensive), and are near the top of the waitlist for The Westin so may may have a last minute option to switch.  We are two adults who have attended may arisias looking for one or two additional adults.  We have both bed space & floor space available.  The occupancy wlll be limited to 4 so there will be no long wait for the bathroom in the AM and no violation of arisia & hotel rules. If you are interested please email me at math mw hyphen lj at yahoo (remonve the spaces and fix the punctuation).  Time is short and I do not check livejournal that frequently; you you will get a much faster response by emailing me.
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This year's Mrs. Hawking steampunk stage shows: Vivat Regina and Base Instruments

The Chameleon's Dish Theatre is really excited to return to Arisia in 2017, and invite you to the next two shows in the Mrs. Hawking series!

Last year in 2016 we brought you "Mrs. Hawking," and you can watch the video of that performance here. We also debuted our second show, Vivat Regina.

This year in 2017, you can see Vivat Regina along with the debut of our third show, Base Instruments!

MRS. HAWKING part 2 and 3

presented by The Chameleon's Dish Theatre


Vivat Regina
by Phoebe Roberts
Friday, January 13th at 7:30PM


Base Instruments
by Phoebe Roberts
Saturday, January 14th at 4PM
Sunday, January 15th at 12PM

In Grand Ballroom B

No knowledge of previous shows is required to enjoy any of of these performances!
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Kings & Suites still available!

EDIT 1/5/16: There are currently no more rooms available at the Westin. If you filled out the request form, you will be contacted if a room meeting your request comes available.

Arisia is only a week away and we still have King Rooms and some Suites available at the Westin. Please fill out the Special Request Form ( if you would like a room. There are no doubles available.
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Arisia 2017 Programming Is LIVE!

The programming and events schedule for Arisia 2017 is up on KonOpas, one of our mobile options. Head to for instructions on how to use it (no download necessary!) and start planning your Arisia weekend.

Other formats, including Guidebook, PDF, and HTML, will be available next week. For a taste, here are just some of the awesome panels and events you’ll be able to enjoy in a few short weeks:

• Gender Variant Cosplay
• Musicals as Fantasy
• The Stories People Play
• Broken Earth: Writing SF from Societal Trauma
• Mad Max & Melissa McCarthy - Genre Film Feminism
• Evolution Doesn't Work That Way
• Mrs. Hawking Part III: Base Instruments
• Fun & Games with Greykell
• Doom, Gloom & Despondency (Gothic song competition)
• Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap (live podcast recording)

Our schedule is subject to change between now and the convention, but we'll make sure to keep the online/mobile versions updated, even throughout the con.

Seeking roommates for our Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel room at Arisia 2017

Greetings and felicitations. My friend Leonard Houle and I have a reservation for the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel for Friday 13 January through Monday 16 January 2017 (three nights) for Arisia 2017 in a quiet room. We have floor space available, and are looking for people to share the cost. We are two mature males who will be up late, but are otherwise quiet. Please contact me at jwatson8 [at] comcast [dot] net if you are interested.

John C. Watson
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The Ig Nobels are once again coming to Arisia

The Ig Nobels are once again coming to Arisia, and you can nominate presenters.

The 2017 nominations form is at:

Discussion of the Ig Nobels and the nominations is over at the "Fans of Arisia" page (

Information and history about the the Improbable awards is on their blog:
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Concom agenda - 12/18/2016 1pm @The Westin

At this ConCom, in addition to hearing updates from our Division Heads and available job listings, we'll be going over the results of the Registration LARP we conducted at the previous meeting and then walking everyone through the meetings, deadlines, and expectations between now and Day 1 of Arisia 2017!

For those who can not be there, here is the remote info:
Sun, Dec 18, 2016 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Stone Room, The Westin Boston Waterfront, 425 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210, USA