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May 2nd, 2016

11:35 pm - Leslie Legard Ryan
For those in fandom who knew Leslie and were wondering what happened to her............

This was posted on facebook.

Howard Cronson

Hi all, I have some sad news tonight. There is a post on Leslie Legard Ryan's Facebook page from a cousin of Dave's that Leslie has passed away.

While this news is not entirely unexpected, I am still deeply saddened by the loss of my friend. I can only hope that she and Dave are back together again, since they were truly meant for each other.

Please pass this news on, especially to Dave and Leslie's Starfleet family who may not see this or the post on her page.

[Dave Ryan, Leslie's husband,  passed away in 2013.]

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March 18th, 2016

01:17 pm - Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III talks about his experience as Arisia 2016's Fan Guest of Honor
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February 26th, 2016

02:53 am - Anime and manga resources
Very belatedly...here are my anime and manga resources. I do address hentai (Japanese cartoon porn) at the linked page, but nothing there other than the word "hentai" is unsafe for work—there are no images or direct links to images.


If anyone has any suggestions as to a better cyberlocker site or two, I'd be glad to have them.

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January 25th, 2016

11:24 am - To the LARPers and D&D peeps out there
I know the Arisia crowd is pretty awesome and full of people who like good stories, playing games, and especially LARPing (I was super impressed with the LARP incorporation into the masquerade this year), so I figured maybe some of you would be interested in this:

You can watch the first two seasons of the show on Youtube, and it is really good. Fairly family friendly, too. :) If you can, please donate to the cause or help spread the word.

Season 1 and 2 Playlist:

If this is an inappropriate post for this group, I apologize and will remove it, but from the people I meet at Arisia, this seems to be the sort of thing to fit right in.

P.S. Is it awesome or sad that I'm already working on a costume for next year's masquerade? ;)

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January 31st, 2016

03:00 pm - Disappeared from Vedio game room at Arisia on Saturday [edited for location]
Our son left his 3DS XL, gold, Zelda version that looks like this http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2013/10/10848361-1381753985-150674.jpg charging Saturday in the video game room at night. He went to get it before he left at 1am and it was not there. It had the game "Super Smas Bros" in it http://www.mariowiki.com/images/thumb/4/40/Super_Smash_Bros_for_Nintendo_3DS_US_final_boxart.jpg/250px-Super_Smash_Bros_for_Nintendo_3DS_US_final_boxart.jpg

The game belonged to our public library and he'd like his holiday present back. If you, or someone you know found it, we'd like it back please. 
Current Mood: sadsad

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January 19th, 2016

08:51 pm - 2016 Writing Contest
Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Student Writing Contest, who were awarded during the Masquerade Intermission Sunday night.

Honorable Mention:
“The Spaceman” by Ellis Ryder
“Average Joe”  by Alexandra Kouroriez

Third place
“Porcelain Woman” by Joyce Hida

Second Place
“Void of a Soul” by Alexis Felicia Romero
“Mithredath,”  by Caroline Jeffers

First Place award goes to
“The One-Eyed Knight” by Rowan Bagley, who also receives a matching cash prize for her school, Madison Area Memorial High School

Thank you to all the winners and to all the entrants. We thank you for sharing the fruits of your talent, and we hope that you continue sharing your unique visions with the world! We look forward to our next Student Writing Contest for Arisia 2017!

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January 15th, 2016

10:46 am - Assisted Listening

Assisted Listening Devices are available for a number of events this Arisia!

To see a list click here: https://goo.gl/FHZJ7P

To request a receiver text: (617)648-6552

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January 14th, 2016

03:56 pm - Wandering Minstrel Program!
Check out our new Wandering Minstrel program! Throughout the weekend, we’ll have designated musicians performing and/or jamming in public spaces (e.g. lobby, mezzanine, concourse). If you like to jam, bring an instrument! Arisia gets plenty of musicians, and minstrels -- even when on duty, if they're not too busy -- are prime candidates for people to jam with.

It's hard to predict exactly where a Wandering Minstrel will end up playing, but various minstrels will be active at the following times:

FRI 2:00pm-3:30 Alyssa Yeager
FRI 3:30pm-5:30 Susan Weiner
FRI 4:30pm-6:30 Nat Budin
FRI 6:30pm-8:00 The Wandering Cellist
FRI 8:00pm-9:30 Alec Heller
FRI 9:30pm-11:00 Char Morgan
FRI 11:00pm-12:00 Zoë Madonna

SAT 11:00am-12:30 Nat Budin
SAT 12:30pm-2:00 Troy Daniels
SAT 2:00pm-3:30 Colin Ferguson & Heather Lee
SAT 3:30pm-5:00 The Wandering Cellist
SAT 5:00pm-6:30 Colin Ferguson & Heather Lee
SAT 6:30pm-8:00 Alan Whitbread
SAT 8:00pm-9:30 Marnen Laibow-Koser
SAT 9:30pm-11:00 The Wandering Cellist
SAT 11:00pm-12:30 Char Morgan

SUN 12:30pm-2:00 Char Morgan
SUN 2:00pm-3:30 Amy Kucharik
SUN 3:30pm-5:00 Troy Daniels
SUN 5:00pm-6:30 Amy Kucharik
SUN 6:30pm-8:00 Zoë Madonna
SUN 8:00pm-9:30 Marnen Laibow-Koser
SUN 9:30pm-11:00 Alec Heller
SUN 11:00pm-12:30 Troy Daniels

In addition, Jonathan Gilbert, Ben Newman, and members of Diabolis in Musica are likely to be playing or jamming at less predictable times.

Here's a rough idea of what they're likely to be doing:

Alyssa Yeager: original songs from the perspective of a geek/goddess/girl
Susan Weiner: violin instrumentals and some mostly original folk songs
Nat Budin: geeky folk, rock, and pop; guitar and vocals
Wandering Cellist: dark fantasy cello
Alan Whitbread: traditional; concertina and some vocals
Zoë Madonna: accordion
Amy Kucharik: ukelele originals
Alec Heller: guitar instrumentals
Char Morgan: classical and folk; violin
Colin Ferguson & Heather Lee: Balkan and other music; accordion/vocals/guitar
Marnen Laibow-Koser: violin
Troy Daniels: Renaissance lute
Jonathan Gilbert: probably violin
Ben Newman: guitar
Diabolis in Musica: Medieval fusion on period instruments, with dancers? Perhaps we misunderstood.


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January 12th, 2016

09:37 pm - Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Arisia is happy to announce that we are offering the Tactile Tour of the Art show again this year! This is a tour designed for people who are blind or have low vision, to get a chance to examine 3d objects from the Art Show. We will be at a new time, Saturday at 2:30 pm, in the art show. The tour is not limited to fans who are blind or have low vision. If you are interested in how we do this, or might want to do something like this at another event, please come along! Archivists gloves will be provided for relevant objects.

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January 9th, 2016

07:09 pm - Mobile-friendly guides
Mobile-friendly guides to Arisia 2016 are now available through Guidebook!

Both will be updated with any last-minute schedule changes.

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