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November 21st, 2014

02:09 pm - Mrs. Hawking -- a new steampunk play debuting Friday night at Arisia '15!

An original full-length steampunk-themed play
by Phoebe Roberts

Debuting as part of the events of Arisia ’15
Friday, January 16th at 6PM
at the Westin Waterfront Boston

The year is 1880 in the reign of Queen Victoria. Young Mary Stone has just arrived alone and friendless in London, unsure of what to do with herself after a lifetime of keeping house for her late parents in India. She has no choice but to accept a position as a house girl for Mrs. Victoria Hawking, an aloof, mysterious society widow who seems to want nothing to do with her. But when she discovers Mrs. Hawking’s true business, as a secret champion to the otherwise helpless women of London, Mary is drawn into a world of new heroic purpose battling against devious blackmailers, rescuing kidnapped children, and struggling against the restrictive place their society forces on women.

Mrs. Victoria Hawking: Frances Kimpel
Miss Mary Stone: Samantha LeVangie
Mr. Nathaniel Hawking: Jonathan Plesser
Mrs. Celeste Fairmont: Arielle Kaplan
Lord Cedric Brockton: Francis Hauert
Sir Walter Grainger: Matthew Kamm
Mr. John Colchester: Robert Imperato
Miss Grace Monroe: Jennifer Giorno
Ensemble: Joye Thaller, Andrew Prentice

With the technical talents
Director: Phoebe Roberts
Technical Director: Bernie Gabin
Stage Manager: Eboracum Richter-Dahl
Set Designers: Joe Gabin and Carolyn Daitch
Costume Designer: Jennifer Giorno
Sound Designer: Neil Marsh

Mrs. Hawking is a unique theatrical experience featuring brave, active, complicated female protagonists on an exciting caper in the Steampunk mold.

Come see us on Friday night! It's going to be an adventure!

Learn more at our website!

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November 17th, 2014

01:17 pm - Arisia 2015 Membership for sale
Adult membership to Arisia 2015 for sale.  First $45 takes it.
Current Location: Somerville.Cambridge,Boston

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November 12th, 2014

10:12 am - Arisia 2016 Guest of Honor Announcement
While we’re hard at work putting together an amazing Arisia for 2015 (Just 65 more days to go!), when one works on a convention as large as Arisia, with our broad range of offerings, thinking about what to do “next year” starts more than 12 months ahead. To that end, we’re happy to announce the Arisia 2016 Guests of Honor!

Writer Guest of Honor: John Scalzi
Artist Guest of Honor: Johnna Y. Klukas
Fan Guest of Honor: Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III

Just a taste of things to come!

-Kris "nchanter" Snyder
Arisia 2016 Convention Chair
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November 2nd, 2014

04:12 pm - Arisia Lightning Talks
Building off of last year’s success, five minute Lightning Talks are back! Come talk about what inspires or thrills you.

Sign up here:

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October 19th, 2014

08:34 pm - Masquerade Registration is Live!
The Arisia 2015 Masquerade Registration form is now live on the Arisia web site.

Please read the Masquerade Rules at and then go to the registration page at

The Masquerade is SUNDAY night at 8pm with doors opening at 7pm.

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October 13th, 2014

10:44 pm - GamerGate
I was reading the whole thing about GamerGate.  Am I correct that the whole thing boils down to guys who are afraid of a little competion from women developers?  if so we need more women developers.  I
I've come accross alot of women gamers who are of all ages.  And am I also correct that more than half of games now (in 2014) are women? 

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October 5th, 2014

01:56 pm - Programming Policy Change
Arisia recently informed previous panel participants of a change in Programming policy, reducing the number of potential participants invited to be a panelist for Arisia 2015. We've received some feedback, most of it positive, some not, and wish to address some of that publicly.

First, some additional background. Instituting a process like this is something that the staff of Arisia has discussed for several years. This is the first year that we have done so. Last year, we had fewer programming slots for panels than in previous years, but interest in being a panelist was greater than ever. We found ourselves in the enviable position of having many more amazing and qualified potential participants than we had panels for them to do. This situation has not changed as the number of talented people interested in participating in Programming at Arisia continues to grow every year. For Arisia 2015, we made the difficult decision to scale back the number of people that we invite to be panelists.

The reasons for this are simple. We want to make sure that we have the best-qualified and most diverse group of panelists we can find. We cannot schedule everybody that would like to participate, as there simply aren’t enough panels to go around. We also need to make sure that the selection process doesn’t overwhelm our staff. For the majority of panels, we easily got three to four times as much interest in a panel as we had slots to fill. This complicates the selection process and puts a great deal of stress on our all-volunteer staff. By reducing the size of the pool, we will also reduce the demand on the staff.

Some past participants expressed concern that our selection process would result in only well-connected people getting invites, or that past personal conflicts would skew our choices. Our staff has spent considerable time going through our database, striving to select the very best candidates that reflect Arisia’s diverse interests, knowledge, skills and backgrounds. Multiple people, with many years of experience, collectively worked together to ensure that our process was as pure of intent as we could make it. We did everything we could to make the process as fair as possible.

We also received several emails expressing concern that people who will not receive an invite will simply be ignored. Our plan is to inform everyone that applied to be a panelist for the upcoming con, including all invitees and participants from Arisia 2014, whether or not they are invited to participate again. This process is almost finished, and decision letters will be going out soon. We ask all previous participants to please be patient while we complete this difficult task.

Finally, we also received some letters asking if those who are not selected as a potential participant can register at the earlier rates. As mentioned, this is the first year we've gone through all of our candidates like this, and it has proven more time intensive then expected. Panelist invite letters have been delayed by several weeks. During this time, the deadline for early registration has passed. In light of that, all potential participants who received an invitation to be a panelist for 2014, and therefore expected but are not receiving one for 2015, will have an opportunity to register for Arisia at the previous registration rate.

We welcome any and all comments, ideas or criticisms to improve this process. Please direct all correspondence to Thank you.

Micah Schneider
Programming Division Head
Arisia 2015

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September 30th, 2014

11:56 pm - Reg Rates Going Up
Arisia's rates for memberships go up at midnight today, so if you're thinking about getting a membership you might want to get one today.

If you discover you can't attend, you can transfer the membership to someone else.

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September 9th, 2014

11:16 am - Hotel Reservations are Open!
Hotel reservations are now online! Make your reservation at

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September 7th, 2014

10:54 am - A'15 Progress Report #1
The first Progress Report for Arisia'15 went out recently with information of Registration, Hotel Reservations (opens on September 9th), and Volunteering.

You can see it at:

If you would like to get future Progress Reports by email, you can signup by going to:

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